Welcome to my story. I want the opportunity as your makeup artist to create unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever.

H: Hera believes that makeup can be powerful, strong and influential. Styles that can transform into multiple forms of beauty. Combination of artistic talent and sophistication tutorials that makes my designs turn heads. Connection with people through all walks of life through my unique brush strokes.

E: Experienced, imaginative and innovative artist that ensures you are at the center of the spotlight. My professional history is characterized by efficiency and transparency. I can have you look as natural and comfortable in an afternoon beach walk or have you sparkling through the red carpet. I’ll find the right makeup for you.

R: Rest assured that my knowledge in the beauty industry comes from 6 years of experience

A: Always kept a personal belief that anyone could be beautiful on the inside as much as the outside. You are beautiful in many different ways. I’m just here to help you enhance the elements that make you shine. 

hello. I'm hera.